The WebIssues Client Manual
Desktop client for the WebIssues system

Compiling on Mac OS X

To compile the program you will need a C++ compiler and headers for the Qt library.

The typical procedure of building the program is:

$ ./configure
$ make

To create the binary package run the attached script:

$ cd osx-package
$ ./ WebIssues

Additional options that can be passed to the configure script:

-prefix DIR

Location where the package will be installed (default is /usr/local).

-destdir DIR

Destination directory prepended to the installation prefix (useful for creating distribution packages or testing installation).

-qmake PATH

Full path to the qmake tool (required if it cannot be found automatically).


Build the application in debugging mode (with symbols and without optimizations).


Build both the x86 and PPC version.

-target VERSION

Set OS X deployment target (default target is 10.3).

-sdk PATH

Set OS X SDK (default is /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk).