The WebIssues Client Manual
Desktop client for the WebIssues system

Chapter 4. Portable Client

The WebIssues Client has a portable version which can be carried on a portable device (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, CD, etc.) and used on any Windows computer. Settings and cache data can be stored on the portable device as well. The WebIssues Portable Client can be used either stand-alone or together with the Platform.

Installation and Updating

To install the WebIssues Portable Client, download and run the installation package. Then select the location where a folder named WebIssuesPortable should be created; it can be a portable device or any location on the computer where you have read/write access. If you have the Platform installed on the device, the default installation path will be detected automatically.

You can upgrade an existing installation of the WebIssues Portable Client by installing a newer version into the same location. All existing data files and settings will be preserved during the upgrade.

The executable file of the WebIssues Portable Client is packed using UPX to reduce startup time, especially on slower portable devices.