The WebIssues Client Manual
Desktop client for the WebIssues system

Administering projects

Modifying project membership

Projects have two types of members: regular and administrators. Only users who are project members can see the project with its folders and issues. Regular members can open folders and issue details, they can also create new issues and modify existing ones. Administrators can in addition edit the membership of the project and create, rename and delete folders in that project.

In order to view or edit the members of a project, select the project in the Main Window and select EditProject Members. The Members Window will open. All users can view the list of members, but only the administrators of a project can add, remove and change the access rights of its members.

To add one or more members, select MembersAdd Member and then select the users and the access level. To change the access level of selected members, use the EditChange Access command or a double click. To remove members, use the EditRemove command.

Creating and editing folders

To add a new folder to a project, select the project in the Main Window and then select ProjectsAdd Folder. Then enter the name of the folder and the type of issues that will be stored in that folder.

To rename a folder, use the EditRename command. To delete a folder, use the EditDelete command.